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What Is The Difference Between Dead Sea Bath Salt And Himalayan Salt?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

When it comes to different kinds of sea salts, one debate we can’t get enough of is the Dead Sea Bath Salt vs. Himalayan salt debate.

Both are incredibly popular, to the point where we’d say they’ve become household names now. And while both are incredibly beneficial, there are some key differences between them.

What Are the Amazing Benefits Of Dead Sea Bath Salt?

Dead Sea Bath Salt is known to have holistic healing properties. It can take care of everything from your skin and hair to the rest of your body.

Generally, Dead Sea Bath Salt is used topically and cosmetically due to its many skin-related benefits. It can boost your skin’s overall health, taking care of issues like acne, aging, redness, and so on.

But Dead Sea Bath Salt is also highly beneficial for certain health concerns, including rheumatological diseases and psoriasis. Plus, when used in moderation, it’s completely safe and easy to use. You can use it as bath salts or skincare to create masks and soaps.

It can also help you in your detoxing regime!

How Does Himalayan Salt Help?

Himalayan salt is very different from Dead Sea Bath Salt. For starters, you can eat it, while you can’t eat Dead Sea Bath salts.

Plus, Himalayan salts have their origins in South Asia, while Dead Sea Bath Salt comes from the Dead Sea, which is in the Middle East. But regardless of where they come from or how they look, both salts are promoted as highly beneficial for health.

Himalayan salts are commonly promoted as having health benefits. These include improving respiratory diseases, balancing pH levels in the body, and regulating blood sugar. Some distributors also claim that Himalayan salts have anti-aging properties and work for insomnia.

Why Is Dead Sea Bath Salt Considered Better Though?

Despite the potential health benefits of Himalayan salts, there is little to no research to support those claims.

On the other hand, Dead Sea Bath Salts have been used for centuries due to their healing properties. Countless clinical studies highlight the therapeutic properties of Dead Sea Bath Salts.

And with so many false claims out there, we personally like the idea of investing in products that are scientifically proven to be beneficial, such as Dead Sea Bath Salts.

If you want to see whether Dead Sea Bath Salts are worth the hype, you can shop for Dead Sea Bolivian salt online in our online store.

We also have dead sea mud for sale, which is equally impressive.

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