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COSME Tech 2024 TOKYO - II

Updated: Mar 4

Numeira Mixed Salts & Mud Company successfully participated in COSME WEEK TOKYO, the largest cosmetics trade fair in Japan, from January 17-19, 2024. This event provided a prime opportunity for Numeira to showcase the unique qualities of Dead Sea Salt, Mud and Brine from Jordan to key players in the Japanese cosmetic industry. The company's engagement was supported by close coordination with the Jordanian Embassy in Japan, JETRO, JICA, UNIDO, and PADECO, all of whom attended the event and will assist in following up on its outcomes.

Numeira shared Japanese-translated brochures, technical information, and samples of their Dead Sea products with industry representatives, highlighting Jordan's potential as a source for high-quality cosmetics ingredients. This initiative marks a significant step in integrating Jordan’s Dead Sea products into the Japanese market and expanding Numeira's global reach.

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