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Crystal Salt

Our Brands

SOULT of the Dead Sea represents the pinnacle of luxury skincare. This premium brand is carefully designed for discerning consumers seeking specialized products that blend the most effective global ingredients with the unique minerals from the Dead Sea. Our collection includes sophisticated formulations such as nourishing day creams and revitalizing eye serums. Each product is crafted to offer unparalleled skin benefits, enhancing beauty and wellness with every use.


Named after the serene Numeira Valley along the southern shores of the Dead Sea, our Numeira Dead Sea brand embodies purity and simplicity. This line reflects the raw beauty and therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea. Our ethically sourced range includes magnesium flakes, bath salts, and mineral-rich muds, available in different essential oils. These items are designed to sooth the body and rejuvenate the spirit, bringing the Dead Sea's legendary benefits directly to your home.

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