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Technology influence the marketing strategy of the Jordanian dead sea products

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Technology has the tendency of influencing marketing in many ways. The mixture of data and technology are increasing marketing effectiveness, organizational change, and shifting the power within channels of distribution. More commonly, information technology empowering the traditional strategic and functional boundaries by allowing an organization to deliver a large number of differentiated products to market. On the other hand, online Social networking websites are very common and have already become an essential part of life. These sites have made a significant effect on the individual’s life. When evaluating the users’ scope of communal networking, it can be illustrated that the modern social communities influence an individual’s private life, whereas the traditional networking or social community is more combined for business circle.

Technology influence the Jordanian dead sea products

Most of the Jordanian Dead Sea products companies prefer to have their own brands for marketing in the global markets. However, these companies would not allocate sufficient budgets for promotion and marketing. They spend more expenses on production, machines and factories expansion. The Jordanian Dead Sea companies could have more sales if they take into consideration the importance of technology factor. They should build their own company’s website to promote their business and do a search engine optimization (SEO) for their websites, which is very important because it will allow their websites to be at top levels of the search engines and facilitate the customer’s search for a Dead Sea products supplier. The search engine should be considered properly as this will appear the company’sthe website details in the search engine top levels prior to competitors where the customers will contact them first. Some programs would improve the listing in the search engines that the Dead Sea companies in Jordan could use or even hire companies that are professional in SEO. Using SEO tools for the website leads to promoting the brand at the same time.

Technology is a significant success factor in developing marketing strategies for the Jordanian Dead Sea products companies. It provides innovative ways to communicate with their customers, receives their feedback, and study the targeted markets. Technology advancements will allow these companies to enlarge their markets and sales in multiple ways. An essential component of managing technology is the ability to recognize its power in achieving successes in the economy of a free market. This will ensure technological resources, policies, and decisions contributed to the Jordanian Dead Sea Company’s competitive advantages. The Internet does not only bring a new perspective to the marketing mix, but may bring a fresh way to approach potential customers in a very interesting, creative, and cost-efficient manner. This implied that technology is a significant success factor in the development of marketing strategies.

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