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Dead Sea Bath Salt: The Perfect Remedy for Spiritual Cleansing

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Dead Sea Bath Salt consists of minerals that don’t exist anywhere in the world. They have high concentrations of bromine (anti-inflammatory and relaxing), calcium (supports bones and hypo-allergenic), sodium (helps water balance in the body), and magnesium (aids in maintaining the proper pH balance), just to name a few.

Here’s how you can use Dead Sea Bath Salt for spiritual cleansing:

Bath ingredients


Essential oils or whole buds boiled in water promote relaxation by having a calming effect on your emotional and mental space. Don’t use much, just use enough to produce aroma.

Baking soda

It’s a mixture of sodium and bicarbonate ions that dissolve in water and has a plethora of benefits when bathed in both.

Dead Sea Bath Salt

The minerals in Dead Sea Bath Salt will release any type of negative energy. Never use regular table salts as they contain anti-caking agents and have undergone a refining process that has removed most of the beneficial minerals.


Start with a clean space. Make room for the things you want to be surrounded by during this practice. Also, straighten your countertops and clean your tub. Anything you’re looking to make a part of this practice like candles, crystals, or plants should be intentionally picked to invoke a sense of your intended energy cleanse.

Whether it’s burning incense, lighting some candles, or diffusing essential oils, choose a scent you want the air to be filled with during your spiritual bath – it’s totally your choice. Just ensure it’s a scent that’s associated with how you want to feel.

Find a sound to play. Look for frequencies like binaural beats during your practice or listen to some calming meditation. You want to stay away from songs that have lyrics; instead, search for instrumentals – acoustic guitars, singing bowls, wind instruments, piano, etc. Set the volume to a peaceful, comfortable level and choose something that gives you a sense of calm.

You can take out or bring in what you feel called to, trust your intuition, and add/subtract anything from what’s mentioned already. Always think in terms of what makes you feel good when you set up your space.

Lastly, fill the tub with warm water for your comfort.

At Numeira, all of our raw materials are processed without the use of chemical additives to guarantee natural and pure end products.

Buy wholesale Dead Sea Bath Salt from us now or give us a call now for more information about our Dead Sea cosmetics for sale!

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