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Dead Sea Mud 101: Origin, Uses, and Health Benefits

Did you know that the Dead Sea is actually just a salt lake!

It is super rich in minerals and salt, making its water, mud, salt, and natural dead sea flakes extremely beneficial and sought-after products for health and healing purposes.

Where Does Dead Sea Mud Come From

The dead sea gets its water mainly from the Jordan River, which is in the North. But the water doesn’t have anywhere to go from there. So, it just sits there until it’s evaporated, leaving behind a lot of salt and minerals. This process has been going on for millions of years—which is essentially what has led to the creation of nutrition-rich mud near the Dead Sea.

And while dead sea mud and salt are widely used these days, there was a time when no one realized its benefits. In fact, the first person to travel to the Dead Sea for healing was the Queen of Sheba, and she was followed by Cleopatra and other royals that came after.

Understanding Dead Sea Mud’s Health Benefits

Dead sea mud is used both topically and cosmetically. It’s mainly composed of Dead Sea water, organic matter, minerals, including magnesium, silicon dioxide, bromide, zinc oxide, and several others.

Dead Sea mud has been known to work for all skin types and offers a variety of skin benefits. It can work as an anti-aging product and remove impurities and acne from the skin’s surface. It also has detoxifying properties and can lead to inner and outer healing.

And have we mentioned that it can also relieve symptoms of certain skin conditions, including eczema? And it can be used to counter hair fall too—it’s brilliant!

Do I Need to Travel to The Dead Sea for Some Mud?

Dead Sea mud sounds absolutely glorious, and we understand if you feel the need to take a trip down there right away. But we have something more convenient.

At Numeira, we make the trip to the Dead Sea for you and bring all the good stuff to you!

You can check out our online store and buy natural dead sea mud. We also have dead sea minerals for sale that you can order online!

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