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Best Dead Sea Bath Salt Jordan Online Seller | Best Dead Sea Bath Salt Products | Numeira

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The dead sea has always been one of the world’s fascinations attributed to its property of making things float at the surface. Every year visitors get attracted to this magnificent natural phenomenon and take pride in reading newspapers or magazines floating comfortably. Indeed, the Dead Sea has the potential to keep people entertained but very few are aware of the incredible properties it possesses when it comes to curing aliment and certain skin conditions with its salt. In fact, countries that have a coastline of the Dead Sea are making the best out of the therapeutic properties of the miraculous Dead Sea Bath Salt.

Dead Sea Bath Salt Jordan is the most natural and unprocessed kind of salt that is produced from seawater. It is not iodized, unlike table salt, and are made by evaporating and filtering salty water from seas and lakes. The salt is naturally deeper in color due to the high mineral content caused by the clay lining of the water body.

Health Benefits of Dead Sea Bath Salt Jordan

Dead Sea Bath Salt is beneficial to skin health and may be used to treat a variety of ailments, including rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune illness in which your immune system assaults your own tissues and organs. It can lead to swollen joints as well as harm to other body organs such as your eyes, skin, and heart.

What to look for when purchasing the Dead Sea Bath Salt Jordan

We don’t need any claim for the fact that adulteration is a living reality. We can easily spot how the quality of certain products is getting hampered just because some of the manufacturers want to make a profit through unfair means. In this quest, Dead Sea Bath Salt Jordan is no exception and one can easily see mushrooming Dead Sea Bath Salt products claiming authenticity. Here you need to trust the Numeira, the company is the main source of 100 per cent natural Dead Sea Bath Salt, Mud, and Brine found at the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea, and was founded in 1997 under the Arab Potash Firm (APC) as the sole company with exclusive rights to harvest Dead Sea mineral-rich raw materials in Jordan.

Kind of Dead Sea Bath Salt Jordan product available with Numeira

Dead Sea Bath Salt, Powder (Grain size 0-1 mm)

This is ideal for spa applications that require quickly dissolving bath salts or as a component in cosmetics that don't require a textural application.

Dead Sea Bath Salt, fine (Grain size: 1-2 mm)

This is a popular choice for use in spa therapies and is great for salt scrubs, exfoliating soaps, bath salts, and other bath products.

Dead Sea Bath Salt, Coarse (2-4 mm)

This is great for making scented bath salts and may also be used in commercial spas for therapeutic purposes.

Dead Sea Bath Salt, Extra Coarse (4-7 mm)

Because it blends nicely with perfumes and essential oils, it's a popular option for aromatherapy goods and scented bath salts. It's also used in commercial spas for therapeutic purposes.

What you are waiting for? Grab your pack of Dead Sea Bath Salt Jordan today as per your requirement from Numeria and see how the magic unfolds.

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