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Our Inspiration

Land Affluent in History, Water Rich in Minerals

Bearing the traces of a multitude of civilizations across history, the ancient land of the young  Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan offers a landscape of wonder, beauty and variety. Between majestic  mountains, rose desert sand, and fruitful valleys, lies the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world,  the Dead Sea.

A one of a kind touristic attraction for people from all over the globe, the Dead Sea is widely known  and loved for its divine attributes. As one of earth’s saltiest bodies of water, the Dead Sea acquired  its name from the inability of aquatic flora and fauna to exist in its environment. Also due to the high  salt content, the water’s buoyancy is quite unique; allowing swimmers to effortlessly float on its  lustrous surface.  

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In addition to the magnificent ambience of the all-year-long warm weather, sunny skies, and  relaxing waters that this natural wonder offers, the Dead Sea is a paramount source for 21  therapeutic minerals, 12 of which are not found in any other body of water. From promoting  healthy blood circulation to healing skin diseases, Numeira ensures that the unique properties of  the Dead Sea raw materials are preserved and experienced by anyone, anywhere.  

The inspiration for our name comes from Jordan’s long-preserved archaeological site of Numeira, situated in the southern area of the Dead Sea.

We aim to pay homage to this historical treasure that has remarkably sustained substantial remains from the early Bronze Age. A town rich in history, Numeira yields unparalleled evidence and a wealth of information on roughly fifteen generations that inhabited and cultivated its land. Adjacent to the site is the beautiful Wadi of Numeira, characterized by its magical atmosphere and colorful rocky mountains. It serves to us as a reminder of the pristine natural environment and the importance of preserving and respecting its authenticity.

The water of the Dead Sea has an unparalleled chemical composition, due to its superior salinity that is almost ten times the salinity of other seas and oceans, and its high density that makes the task of diving in it impossible As the buoyancy force of objects in it is much greater than in other seas and oceans, which allows swimmers to float on its surface easily. Hence the Dead Sea also acquired this name; Its lack of life, as marine plants and animals do not find ways to live and adapt in its salty environment.

What distinguishes the waters of the Dead Sea also is that it is very rich in natural minerals, and it exclusively contains twelve minerals that are not found in any other water body, so people from all over the world come to it to enjoy countless healing miracles.

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There are many inexhaustible treasures in this natural wonder! On the shores of the Dead Sea, black curative mud that was deposited over thousands of years, accumulated layer by layer, to become very rich in salts and minerals, which have many healing properties, used to cure many intractable diseases, especially skin diseases, as it is easily absorbed through the skin.

The source of our inspiration is the archaeological site of Numeira, located in the southern region of the Dead Sea in Jordan. This charming city by its nature and rich in its history has been a prominent tourist destination over the years for many writers, visitors, photographers and adventurers.

With the information and historical evidence it provides about  fifteen generations who lived in it and cultivated its lands, especially the early Bronze Age, as it contains many remnants of a large settlement that represented the cities and homes of the Prophet Lot, peace be upon him.

Numeira is also the name given to the river and valley adjacent to the archaeological site, and this name came because the area was home to tigers in the past.

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